Thursday, 10 June 2010

Oh Happy Days!

My last exam of the year was today!
I'm so relieved.
  • I had an English Language exam which.. mm could of gone better
  • Biology.. probably got a D/C but I'm happy with that because it's such a hard subject. & I'm dropping it anyway.
  • Media went well :) and with my coursework should give me a good grade
  • Psychology went well.. I think. I said this in January and ended up with a D O_O but I think I should get better this time :) I am pretty sure I got full marks for two of the questions (Freud's theory for gender development and describing Raine et al's study) For Frued's, it was 4 marks but I ended up writing about 8 point's haha.
I'm a little annoyed with myself because on the last question (12 marks) it was to do with 'Why Michael Jackson's behaviour was so bizarre' and I wrote all but one of the points. It was in the back of my mind but I just couldn't get it out! Then as I was walking out of the exam, I remembered it. Typical. This is what I don't like, in real life you would have the time and I would of got that point down. It's not like a don't know it.

Anyway so yes! Summer has officially started! I have two months back at school starting A2 but I've heard but you don't learn much because you forget it over the summer and go back over it in September.. I'm still going to work hard though, like the good girl I am :P





I hope everyone gets the results they want! Good luck!


  1. Im with you - biology is a killer! good luck for results day! and on a sidenote... freud was such a strange, strange man! xoxo

  2. Yaaay no more exams! Don;t worry about missing one little point, I;m sure the rest of it was more than enough and you'll do great. Now you can enjoy your Summer!

  3. well done and good luck -- such a shame that you let go of the stress of the exams and then you get the stress of waiting for the results !
    All the best x

  4. Well Done! I had my final exam today too :) I know I haven't done that well in Psychology as I forgot everything for part of it and i've lost at least 12 marks lol

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