Sunday, 13 June 2010

Next Candy Lips Palette

I received this palette for Christmas a few years ago.

Matte casing with 'lips' in a glossy black. The flash makes the word appear white in the image but it's not.

Blow dried before photo was taken because I wanted to neaten them up haha
Left to right: Ice, Candy Cane, Sugar Plum, Raspberry and Cranberry.

Ice and Candy Cane are more for layering and adding a glossy effect which is why they are not pigmented. Left to right: Sugar Plum, Raspberry and Cranberry.
Sugar Plum has a satin finish, Raspberry has a glossy shimmer finish and Cranberry is a block red with fuchsia undertones.

  • Sleek packaging
  • Large mirror
  • Very pigmented - to make wearable just dab a little on the lips or lighten with the first two colours (That's why you can see different shades of pink/red in the second photo)
  • Last a long time - they last a long time because of the lipstick formula. Their slightly sticky but that's what gives them the staying power.

  • The brush is 'flimsy' so I rarely use it.


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