Thursday, 10 June 2010

Who's an Aveeno Discoverer?


  1. Oooh well, I've just been accepted! I applied months ago and completely forgot about it. I've just got an email now saying my welcome pack is on the way :D Can't wait to review them. I feel like I'm a professional reviewer now haha x

  2. oooooh yayyy, have you tried any of their products before?

    I really love them! I hadn't heard anything about them before I joined the discovery programme so it's a good idea :) xx

  3. I've tried their handcream as my friend has it. They say that you have had to use their products previous to apply and I was like.. technically I have haha and I'm interested in the brand and want to try more of their products.

  4. Yeah I got the hand cream in my welcome pack, it's great, doesn't leave a greasy residue behind :) xx

  5. I am as of a couple of days ago !

    Love their stuff, Aveeno cream cleared my son's eczema when the GP prescribed stuff didn't. It's a godsend after a whole year of struggling with scratching, itching and dry skin, my boy is no longer grumpy but very happy !


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