Sunday, 20 June 2010

University Questions

  • What University do you want to go/are you studying at/did you go to?
  • Why your chosen University?
  • Do you want to move away from home/did you move away from home?
  • Why?
  • What course do you want to study/are you studying/did you study?

And if there are any other bits of information you want to add in you can :)
I'm just curious and need ideas!



  1. York St John - English Literature and Language Joint Honours. & yes everybody pulls an "ergh" face when they hear what im about to give the rest of my life to.. Or at very least 3/4 years

    I chose YSJ because it is geared for students, friendly, I love york, only an hour train ride away from home, 365 pubs, bars and clubs ;) and sensible grade requirements.

    I am moving away from home, my boyfriend (of almost 3 years when i move in Sep)family, etc and this has influenced my decision to only move an hour away.

    :) Andddd I Move 17th September which is the day after my Birthday. Saddddd! But excited to go to.


  2. Laura : Thank you! I thought I wouldn't be able to get enough points but I think I can get B's which is plenty. Plus Biology is reaaaly hard, we've started A2 already and at the moment it's all chemistry so I might drop it.
    I want to do English at Uni but not sure whether to move away, I don't want to move away on my own because I'm a baby so as long as one person I know does.. plus apparently it will cost a lot to move away. I'm in two minds!

  3. Yeah I agree above, its easier to move alone as you have to make friends, and that one person isn't following you/ you arn't following them.

    You can totally start afresh.

    My adivce is go to LOADS of open days and look into totally new courses e.g journalism and media or english and creative arts. Read around alot as there are hundreds of courses and you don't have to stick to what subjects you do now.

    Also you will find combined courses at "met unis" will offer lower points but still amazing courses so you will seriously be fine!!

    And all my friends have dropped biology you're probably better off concentrating and getting 3 high B's/A's rather than being sketchy on 4 subjects.

    Just email me if you'd like any advice on English courses etc as i have done SO much research finding the right course for me.


  4. If you took English with Media, it would be a combined degree, you wouldn't have 2 separate ones. All degrees are made up of a number of credits, you take different modules each year to make up those credits, so if you did a combined degree you would just take a different mix of modules from if you did just English - i.e. some modules would have lectures etc. from the English department, and some from Media. Hope that makes sense. x

  5. Sorry to butt in!
    At my University, Nottingham Trent we have 120 credits per year to fulfill with different modules.
    I'm studying Media and Linguistics (combined honours) so i split my credits 60 - 60.

    I then pick my modules to fulfill my 60 credits.
    E.g. For linguistics for last year i picked -
    20 credits - Sociolinguistics
    20 credits - Animal Language
    20 Credits - Discourse Analysis

    For Media i picked -
    40 Credits - Theories and Culture (CORE Module - so its worth more Credits)
    20 - Analysing Popular Music.

    Although for your Uni it might be a little different but i think thats the main jist of it! Hope i cleared that up for you?

  6. I want to go to Surrey University in september and I chose it because it's quite near home, and also had the best graduate employment rate of ANY UK university (including the top ones...). 98% of people get employed within 6 months of graduating. Also, the entry is ABB which is achieveable I feel, but after this year, it's rising to AAB so shows that the uni is getting better. It's also one of the top 20 - 30 unis in the country so yep :)

    At first I didn't want to move away from home, but now I do, and I just see it as a challenge! I'd love to prove to myself more than anyone that I can be independent and it's easier to make friends if you live on campus (i'm told by EVERYONE) If you're paying that much to go, you may aswell get the full experience!

    I want to study Business Management because I don't really know what I want to do in life, so I wanted to do something broad which would increase my employability to any business!!

    Hope this helps you :) xx

  7. I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it, you have a really nice writing style :)

    I did three A-Levels, English Lit, Media and Psychology and i think that doing three is fine, a lot of my friends did 4 and really struggled plus it wasn't really neccessary. I got an A and two B's and could pretty much choose any university because i didn't pick a subject that needed impossibly high marks.

    I go to Southampton Solent University and i've just finished my first year, i originally come from Bristol so i did move out and into halls which was great and not nearly as hetic as everyone makes out, a few weeks in and everyone calms down (or runs out of money haha!)

    I decided to move from home because i wanted the full experience and to do something new, venture out on my own as it were. Southampton is great, the Uni is right in the centre of town so everything is within walking distance - something i miss at home because i live quite far from town.

    I study Criminology and i love it, it's a very intersting subject and everyone i meet says "Oh wow, how cool/interesting" and it really is, the downside is i always get people telling me about their encounters with serial killers or asking if i've met any (i dunno where on earth i'd have met one, i'm only 19 for a start...)...i think they think thats all criminology is but it's a mix of psychology/sociology/law/politics and we actually very rarely talk about serial killers!!

    Stacey xx


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