Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yesterdays and Todays OOTDs and Plymouth University's Open Day and Today's Purchases

Grey vest: Primark
White board shorts: Primark
Navy cardigan: Primark
Gold bangle: Primark
'L' pendant: Accessorize

T-shirt: Republic
Denim shorts: Primark
Wooden bangle: Chinese hotel in Holland haha
(also wore white dolly shoes)
And I wore no tights today! I'm so proud of myself :D

So today I went to Plymouth University's Open Day! It was pretty good. As were on the coast, there are loads of water sports to do. They also have a four floor library with a cafe at the top and the student union was just voted best the student union in the country. It looks amazing, but then again, any university will look amazing compared to secondary school!
A girl said that she comes from Manchester and in the three years she's studied at Plymouth, she went back home to see her parents for a total of two weeks haha
The students were really nice! We went to a Psychology drop in session for my friend but I came out wanting to do it too haha
I wanted to go to an English drop in session but it didn't start till 2 and that's when we had to leave so I'm going back in September for their other open day.
One of the girls said she has friends who study at Brighton and Falmouth who love it there and they're the other two places I want to go :)
She now has a Psychology degree but is going to London to work on Media and filming and she also said she knows someone at the BBC who has a geography degree so degrees can be flexible to many jobs.
Hmm Psychology or English? I don't know!

I didn't like any of Primark's bikinis. I'm quite fussy when it comes to bikinis I've discovered. I don't like triangle shaped ones and would like support so my boobs don't look small!
They also didn't do any nice summer dresses :/
And their gladiator sandals were ok, but not enough for me to want to buy them.
There was a pair which were really nice though and I don't know why I didn't buy them. They were a goldish/creamy colour but not tacky looking and had three chains going across the top (ankle part) and a normal flip flop type bottom. Haha I am so good at describing! Don't ya think?!
They were £8 anyhow.. I'll get them when I go into town to buy some birthday presents.

Popped into Boots and got two boring items:
Natural Collection: Pink cloud blush and Waterguard mascara, both £1.99

I reaaaalllly wanted some 17 nail polishes but I have so many already. I wanted Parma Violet as I don't yet have a Lilac in my collection (I know I can't believe it either!) but I wasn't sure whether it would be streaky or not.

Oh and I had £7ish on my advantage card so the Natural Collection items were free. I wish I remembered I had that much on my card because I would of bought some 17 nail polishes. I wouldn't of felt as guilty buying them if I knew I would only of had to pay a few extra pounds on top of my advantage points. Ahh next time!



  1. I love the cute white shorts :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I recentley bought pink cloud blush its a lovely blush :) xx

  3. I like the T-shirt, I've never been to republic before should check it out really.

    And yeah going to taster sessions for a subject you haven't thought about is pretty dangerous decision-making wise, I went to a taster day at a uni near me for a psychology session (I want to move away but wanted to see what studying the subject was like) and now I'm not sure if I want to do psychology or law

  4. I was at that open day! Haha, would have been funny if I'd seen you x


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